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My Favorite E-Greetings

Nothing like hitting "Delete" to force one to redesign a web-page! So, welcome to the new look and I hope I’ve rebuilt all your favorites again… although I doubt it. I kinda hit "delete" to my backup of this page and to the bookmark file that had my entire list of these things… stop laughing, Karl*!!! - Virtual condoms… at least they don’t break! - Dope-slaps, tickets, and postcards a la Click and Clack - Unusual and lovely cards… about breastfeeding. - Send-a-sonnet - Postcards from the Grave - Good all-around source for cards - Retro pictures, book covers, and pin-ups - Yup… South Park cards… rude, of course. - Things that make you go, "Huh?" - Throw a pie at someone! - I can’t believe someone would really do this… - Electronic kisses - My favorite… nothing normal here!



* A few years ago when I worked for Karl, I kinda deleted the entire working directory of our project… on the network, that is! And no, we didn’t have a backup.