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Jazz Fest '93
Doesn't that guitar just make you
Jump up and tremble and wave?
Who is this? Gilberto Gil? Oh!
He makes me feel so alive!
Come! Dance with me!
Feel his energy rush through your soul!
Yes, you reply as you reach for a beer,
It's good calypso.
Listen to that piano! Feel all the
Love that pours forth from those keys!
Who is this? Ramsey Lewis? Oh!
I feel the warmth of his heart!
Come! Hold me close!
Let his compassion awaken your soul!
Yes, you reply as you pack a bowl,
It's good blues.
Hear how that flautist is making
Key changes lighter than air?
Who is this? You don't know? Oh!
He's got me ready to fly!
Come! Sit by me!
Float with this flutter of soul!
Yes, you reply as you fall asleep,
It's good fusion.
Whatcha doin'? you ask, as I
Quietly put on my shoes.
Who's on next? Aretha Franklin? Oh,
I'm off to find people who feel
No, stay right here.
I'm only indulging my soul.
Oh, and
Yes, I reply to your stunned eyes,
It's good jazz.
lj, 1993