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8th CT Volunteers

Mansfield House - Oct. 18

Family and Friends

Mom, Dad, Steve (a friend), and I
('98 MS Bike Tour)
Steve and I
('98 MS Bike Tour)
My Brother, Skip, and Mom
('97 MS Bike Tour)



The Photo Gallery…

As my collection of digital photos increases, the desire to get them off my hard drive increases as well. Sure, I could claim some sort of generous motivation, but that'd make you laugh, wouldn't it? After all, who besides myself and the bums I hold dear would visit here?

(If you're one of those bums and don't see your mug shot here, then I probably don't have one of you yet. C'est tout.)
(If that's a problem, then you do realize you've opened yourself up to some major ranking by yours truly, you egotistical fool! (grin))