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Math Labs, Projects, and Interesting Ideas

What follows is my growing collection of sites that offer ideas for the math classroom (middle and high school).

Graphing Calculator Labs/Instructions

TI-82/TI-83 Help
Easy-to-follow instructions mainly for statistics use.

TI-8n Help
A more complete how-to collection.

Activities for the TI
Some use CBLs, but many do not. Be sure to try these labs yourself first, as the instructions are not the best.

Interdisciplinary Labs

Imagine the Universe
I've used the "Lotto or Life" plan with students for a probability unit - it was well-written and the kids enjoyed it.
Other units focus on algebra skills more.

Geometry Activities/Projects

How to do Escher-like pictures - excellent instructions; works well with a transformations unit.

Area Contest
Some good questions that can be used with the CAPT formula sheet.

Painting a Room
Clearly written.

Mapping the Seabed
Area, scale factor, and percents in this one.

Estimating Angles
Good practice for basic skills.

Clock Angles
A few questions that apply angle concepts.


How to Win on "The Wheel of Fortune"
Good practice on using percents; can be extended into a probability lesson as well.

Candy Statistics
Unlike other candy labs, this one incorporates graphing with the statistics.

A Variety of Activities
Many use data from the internet, but there are several CAPT-like situations here.

Linear Equations
Good activities for comparing linear models.