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Natal Analysis for Lorraine

Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretation of the natal chart. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You are optimistic and outgoing. You are ambitious and love to do everything in a grand manner. You are friendly, interested in everything and love to interact with others. Freedom is important to you and you cannot survive in any relationship that is constricting. (75%) Umm… yup!

You are likely to get involved in bad romantic relationships and unwise sexual interactions. You will experience opposition from family and many changes in your living arrangements over the course of your life. (14%) Hopefully, I’ve outgrown this!

Tender loving and emotional nature. You are the one who sets the pace in a relationship. You are voluptuous and refined. You love art and luxury. You have a talent for fashion and decorating. (25%) Voluptuous?


You are responsible and ambitious when it comes to your financial affairs. You do not spend foolishly and will always have a financial plan in place. You will always provide the necessities for your loved ones but you are not one to spoil or be wasteful when it comes to your hard earned cash. (75%) Well… not always…

You will actively work at obtaining a level of security in your life through your family, home and cultural upbringing. (88%) And hopefully not too hard!

You will enjoy spending time with family but you will also require quiet time in order to sort out your thoughts. Your home will be an active dwelling with the doors always open to friends and relatives. (89%) Oh, definitely!

You must be careful not to take on the problems of the world. You will have a tendency to think that you can fix things that can't be fixed and therefore waste precious time in the process throughout your life. You will have trouble when dealing with large groups and possibly children from time to time. (15%) ok, I hate large groups – blah. But I am a sucker for hopeless causes… like the Boston Red Sox.

You are likely to make a difference to the people you work with throughout your life. You have some clairvoyant abilities but you must develop them. (94%) Making a difference – I hope so!

You have a good business and financial sense. You can earn money in communications work. You spend your money wisely. (50%) I earn money in logic, but I gain recognition from the way I can explain the logic to normal folks.

Money is the key to your happiness. You like to acquire the material things in life. Your status is also of utmost importance and you'll work hard to be in the right circles. You are protected throughout life by older members of your family. (50%) I am quite close to my folks. I do like fine antiques. But I’m not into social circles and don’t need to be rich – just secure.

You can be a bit of a dreamer. You are well versed and love to live out your fantasies. You run your home in an unusual manner. (85%) Do I do anything that’s not unusual???

You have an unreal view of your abilities and you are inclined to spend more than you should. Gambling is not something that you should indulge in unless you're prepared to lose. (10%) Good thing I don’t like to gamble!


You are extremely emotional in your thoughts and your communication. Your intuition plays a big role in the way you deal with others. You can be quite secretive about yourself and your ideas. You like to be alone when you need to produce work. (25%) Umm… yup!

You always want to be on the move. Eager to get involved in physical activities that will help keep you in shape and offer you a challenge. (84%) Well, that explains my love of reenacting, doesn’t it?

You are aggressive in friendships and in pursuing intimate relationships. You are emotional when it comes to friendships, relationships and group endeavors . You do best when you are in a relationship and you attract potential partners because you're always where the action is. (83%) Unfortunately, I often attract the wrong partners – those who expect me to solve their problems with my confidence. Yuk.

You're not tolerant of those who are incompetent or need to have something explained more than once. You welcome intellectual debate. You are into high tech and will study such subjects. You are a fast driver and somewhat accident prone. (50%) I’m accepting of those who try, but not of lazy-brained fools. I love thinking. I love math. I love driving fast. And I’m a klutz.


You like to dominate your home environment. You will work hard to make everything perfect for your family but you will also get angry if you aren't appreciated for your efforts. (25%) Kinda easy to dominate when the only other opinions are "meow".

You don't like to make moves. You will renovate or add on before you will change residence. You build your life and your business on a solid base. You dwell on security in your life. (25%) I can do anything as long as I’ve a comfy home to return to. That’s have the fun of leaving – coming home again!

Financial restrictions and losses will occur if you lend money or invest poorly. Your financial problems will lead to worry as well as health problems. (12%) Duh!

You are likely to overspend on your home and family leaving you cash poor. Problems in business and family affairs will prevail. Professional disappointments and set backs are likely. Your career plans are likely to be faulty. (21%) What career plans? <grin>


You are sensual and romantic when it comes to affairs of the heart. You love to get involved in financial ventures that stand to make you a lot of cash. You like the power and luxury that money can buy. You are proud of your children and their accomplishments. (25%) Who wouldn’t like a lot of cash?

You will have problems with children at different times throughout your life. You are inclined to get involved in get-rich-quick schemes that will leave you cash poor. Your choices of entertainment will be bizzarre at times and could lead to dangerous situations. (10%) Ooooh… I agree with that last line!


You are practical when it comes to work and you tend to get along with your colleagues. You will only work hard if you can see what you're getting in return. You are efficient in your pursuits and are cooperative when working with others. (75%) As long as I don’t work with idiots or have boring tasks!

Problems finding work or holding on to a job are likely. You will be over-worked or find your job tedious and difficult. Problems with transportation and communication will occur from time to time throughout your life. (13%) Over-worked or tedious, there is no in-between in software!

You are determined to make the reforms necessary in order to make your place of work run more efficiently. You are a doer and an achiever. (93%) Just need someone to listen…

You will have trouble getting along with friends, relatives, peers and colleagues. You will have unusual ways of doing things that are not likely to be appreciated by those you have to deal with. You must work at being more conventional or consider working for yourself. (13%) Me be more conventional? How?

You have an intuitive insight when it comes to matters concerning your investments, work and your home environment. (89%) Saves me the trouble of explaining myself!

You will spread yourself too thin. Trying to learn about too many things and therefore falling short of your expectations because of a lack of discipline. You make promises to co-workers, friends and relatives that you aren't likely to be able to fulfill. (12%) So I have an over-active mind…


You will be inclined to take family trips that will make a lasting impression on you. Your interest in cultural, religious and family values will be strong. You are somewhat of a historian and into genealogy. (88%) Gee, who woulda thunk it!

You are emotionally capable of giving to others in a positive and pleasant manner. You can express your feelings easily and will work hard in order to relate to your partner in a caring and affectionate way. (90%) As long as I don’t have to verbalize my feelings!

You are likely to be in more than one serious marriage or partnership throughout your life. You attract people who are extremely adaptable and intelligent. (75%) Nice to know there’s still hope for me!

You will find it difficult to excel in your chosen field. Limitations and restrictions will be put on you by your partners, colleagues and family. You must learn not to take on the burdens of others. (11%) Outta my way! Genious coming through!

You can make a difference to the people you care about throughout life. You instinctively know how to bring out the best in others. (96%) And that alone make the journey worth-while.

You are drawn to unusual subjects and exotic destinations. You look for partners who have unusual interests. (88%) What can I say? I’m odd!

You are looking through rose colored glasses when it comes to your relationships and your personal life. You must learn the lesson of moderation in all that you do before you can accomplish anything. (13%) moderation in everything? Even orgasms?


You are very aware of your professional and business ambitions. You will work hard in order to make your family proud of you. You are looking for prestige and financial security. (87%) True, but boring.

You are interested in financial security and the comfort that it can buy you. You have strong ties to your home and your parents. You will actively find ways to enhance your home and build financial security for you family. (89%) Yup!

You will always make sure that your personal papers are in order. You fear the thought of dying and leaving unfinished business for others to clear up. You want to contribute something special that you'll be remembered by. (75%) One of the odder things about me – I’ve had a will since I was 18.

You are not likely to have other people grant you favors. You will experience difficulties with children and acquaintances. Groups are likely to put great demands on you. (12%) Kinda happens when you don’t like people as a species.

You will actively seek ways to make money. You are intent on being successful and not willing to just let things unfold by themselves. You will take the initiative to make things happen. (95%) Much easier than getting lucky, if you ask me.

You will use your intuitive awareness to get ahead in business. Your ability to instinctively know when to do what will help you stay ahead of the competition. (88%) I’m good at the rat race? Then I must be a rat.

You will get taken for granted just as often as you take others for granted. You must tighten your purse strings and learn to save. (13%) Ok, ok, ok…

Higher Education

You believe in hard work and efficiency and you tend to live by this standard. You have great ideas that you will implement into any structured environment that you get involved in. (25%) I will ram it down their throats!

You will be tempted to travel to countries that are experiencing unrest and this will lead to problems. You will be drawn to unusual forms of education and subjects that are unconventional and that could be detrimental to your well being. (11%) I will build a short-circuited Babbage machine in Belize and get caught in a mudslide…

You are changing your beliefs and attitudes drastically. You are a fanatic about your religious and metaphysical views. You are inspired by your visions. You need to travel to foreign countries that offer enlightenment. (50%) I tend to call this self-improvement.

You like to travel by air. You will have interesting adventures in foreign countries. You will fight hard for the underdog. You can do well in higher education. You are good at any kind of modern research. You befriend people of foreign extraction. (50%) I am Wonder Woman!


You like to work in partnerships rather than on your own. You are charming and very good at persuading others to do and see things your way. You do have a strong sense of ethics and you're not likely to lead others astray. (25%) Damn, sounds like management material!

Your social situation is expanding. You can easily become a leader or spokes person due to your favorable reputation. You are prosperous in business. You can work for yourself. (25%) I have a big mouth and some folks enjoy it. Sick.

You aren't viewing your personal or professional life clearly. You must incorporate moderation into your life if you want to be successful. (15%) Success or fun… which shall I choose…

You will find it difficult to get ahead professionally. Poor choices and bad timing will cause disappointments and set backs. (23%) We shall see…


You will have an interest in history and genealogy. Your need to help others and to work along side individuals who feel the same way you do will lead you to join or form organizations that are geared toward helping those less fortunate. (89%) I will cross-dress in out-of-date clothing and blow on a piece of wood in the name of history and education!

You will express yourself in an emotional way. You are in tune to the thoughts and feelings of others and will do what you can to help those less fortunate. You understand what others are going through and therefore instinctively know how to help them resolve their problems. (93%) But I’ll be damned if I know how.

You like to be around aggressive and powerful friends. You are capable of handling many different jobs and as a result you turn into a valuable friend yourself. (25%) More Wonder Woman stuff, huh?

Your social life is of utmost importance to you. Your friends have a strong influence on you. You should join groups that have a worthwhile cause. (50%) Yes, but not in a conventional way…


You have the resourcefulness to ferret out things that others do not recognize as being valuable. You have hidden talents that you can rely on when the going gets tough. Love affairs are often very tempting for you. (75%) Yes, I can find antiques in a garbage pile. Yes, I can land on my feet when the sh** hits the fan. But affairs are rather repulsive.

You are intuitive in your approach to life and to getting ahead. You instinctively know how to make money and what to do with it. (90%) I do? Can I tell myself how?

You tend to be reclusive. You are devoted to secret societies. You live a mystical life. You have escapist tendencies and must refrain from over-indulgences. You can look after people who are suffering from illness. Your imagination is vivid causing and unreal view of your surroundings . (75%) I have a warped mind…

Sun Sign and More

You have strong beliefs and interests in subjects that are unusual and intriguing. You love to be part and parcel to secret information and you are excellent at ferreting out such knowledge. You never do anything unless your intentions are to give it your all. You make a loyal friend and a bitter enemy. (50%) oh, yes!

You are highly emotional and will act accordingly when faced with a problem. You are prone to tears and can be quite the expert when it comes to emotional manipulation. You need periods of quiet in order to regain your energies. You need to busy yourself with creative projects. (50%) Tears? Not bloody likely! Manipulation? Well, I try not to….

You use your charm in order to get what you want. You prefer to work in partnership and will always implement justice and fair play into all that you do. You strive to obtain and maintain a good reputation. Partnership = someone else does the paperwork?

You are ambitious, shrewd, practical and well organized. You measure your success by the amount of cash and material goods that you accumulate. You are extremely focused once you set your sights on something. Your keen sense of awareness allows you to do the right thing at the precise time. Emotionally you have difficulty expressing yourself. (50%) My keen sense of awareness allows me to stick my foot in my mouth, too!

You are intense, determined and hypnotic. You take great pride in anything you do. You are an all-or-nothing person who will never give in to defeat. Once you set your mind on something you forge ahead until you succeed. You can become quite angry if something or someone rubs you the wrong way. Temper must be controlled. (25%) Hypnotic? Ha! I love it!

Your intuition is strong and your interest in occult subjects will lead you down unusual pathways. You will always have strange relationships with others regarding money and property. You are best to avoid joint ventures and to be careful if you are asked to take care of other people's affairs. (50%) Well, so much for a partnership.

You have the ability to improve work methods and efficiency. You can be overbearing when dealing with others which can result in personality clashes that make it impossible for you. You need to practice the power of positive thought if you want to make life a little easier for yourself. (50%) I’m practicing…

You need to be disciplined and work hard if you want to achieve a stable and secure environment. You require financial independence in order to feel successful and happy. You have a tendency to be excessive when it comes to your material desires. (50%) Bad girl! No backrub!

Capricorns, the excessively persistent. You want to accomplish and develop into something. You possess keen intuition and normally use this quality to achieve personal independence and security. You are steady and sure-footed like your symbol the Mountain Goat. You have an extreme capacity for hard work and great faith in your own power. You are worldly and careful, rarely asking for help or favors. You prefer to suffer through and make it on your own efforts. You can also be a slave driver as you do expect those that work for you to work just as hard as you do. You are the grand master when it comes to the art of moderation. You are more sensitive than one might think. You need to feel appreciated in all facets of life. Although you appear phlegmatic you are capable of deep fidelity to those you respect. Your sex drive is strong but spasmodic and you are not sentimental or romantic in nature. You can live on next to nothing. You save religiously and invest shrewdly. You are not prone to gambling and will only be generous with loved ones in a practical way. You provide what you feel are the necessities of life. (50%) I am Wonder Woman!

You have unusual ideas regarding both personal and professional partnerships. You want to experiment with unusual living arrangements and you are interested in justice and reform. You feel the need to update the system with regard to human relationships. You can be unreliable where mutual responsibility is required. (50%) Do I have any USUAL ideas???

You have a proud, reserved nature when you're in front of other people. You will repress your emotions and your sexuality to all except the chosen few that you become intimately involved with. You are loyal as long as your partner holds up their end of the bargain. You prefer traditional art, music and dance. (50%) I am an Oreo cookie – hard on the outside, squishy within.

You are optimistic, ambitious and you like to do things on a large scale. Although you are friendly and outgoing you have a tendency to take things for granted. Your strength is in your ability to influence others to follow your lead. grin

dare I include this...?

Erotic Analysis

You are the type of lover that will never take no for an answer so your partner had better be prepared to let you have your way. You are aggressive, forceful and know just how to please any uninhibited lustful recipient. You will get down on your knees if your partner suggests all the things that they would like to do to you. You take pride in your ability to be a seasoned lover. One who knows no bounds and who will have the capacity to make love all night long. You like to play the role of the teacher, disciplining your lover when you feel necessary, turning your sexual encounters into a real hot game. Let your lover know that hot oil will help put their instructor into a good mood. You know, like bringing your teacher an apple.

You are an exuberant lover, full of surprises. Your lover can expect to be fondled and felt in ways they never thought were possible. You will tire your lover out and leave them feeling like every part of their body has been used for your pleasure.

You have a great sexual rhythm that can drive your lover wild. You know how to make your partner get down on their hands and knees and beg for more. You will tease and taunt your lover until they feel as if they are on the brink of insanity, but when all is said and done your lover will be captivated and ready to be your permanent love slave. You have the know how to touch your lover and torment them just enough to drive them wild. You are persistent, aggressive and love to take control of your partner regardless of how hard they fight. The more they resist the better you like it. You are truly an engaging partner.

You are a dangerous partner to play with. You can be ruthless when it comes to affairs of the heart. You usually attract all the wrong people and you tend to play sexual games that can lead to disaster. You have a hard time turning down an offer that promises a risk or an adventure. You like to live on the edge and will always push the envelop when it comes to secret and passionate encounters.

hee hee hee hee hee!!!

What do you think? Is it me?